New to cloth diapering, or thinking about starting? Here is is your guide to getting started!

Of course, the most essential ingredient to cloth diapering is a baby! No matter how your child arrives to your family, you can trust that wrapping them in a soft cotton diaper is the best choice for their bum.

Next, decide whether you are going to cloth diaper all on your own or using a service! Washing at home will require lots of extra tools and accessories to successfully clean and manage your supplies. Choosing a service, like Green Diaper Babies, means having the convenience that disposables offer restored. No need to wash, scrub or scrape – simply throw them in the pail and we will take care of the rest! Check out more reasons to use a diaper service here.


There are a lot of different kinds of cloth diapers these days. At Green Diaper Babies we boil it down to two kinds: 1) All-in-ones & 2) Prefolds. All-in-one diapers are similar to disposables, simply wrap it around baby and snap to secure. Prefolds require more assembly, you have to wrap the cotton flat around baby and then secure a waterproof cover over the prefold. Whichever style you choose, they both work great for keeping “things” contained! Read more about the difference between all-in-one diapers and prefolds here.

You may find you need more than just diapers to get by with cloth diapering. Thankfully with Green Diaper Babies, all the items you need are at your fingertips through our store or when you sign up for services!

  1. Pail – as with disposables, having somewhere to throw those stinky diapers is essential! When you diaper through us we provide a pail and hospital grade, waterproof liner to store those dirty diapers for pick-up.
  2. Wet Bag – these water-proof/odor-proof bags are perfect to store soiled diapers in while traveling or running errands!
  3. A Cloth-Safe Rash Cream & Balm – Most big name rash creams and balms will damage cloth diapers. Here is our list of cloth-friendly brands.
  4. Pail Deodorant – if you’re sensitive to smells, this will be a helpful tool to shake onto dirty diapers to cut down pail odors.
  5. If you’re using prefolds:
    1. Waterproof covers – there are a lot of different styles that come with snaps or velcro.
    2. Snappis or other diaper fasteners – these are the modern day (and much safer) diaper pins, which allow you to secure the prefold around baby.

There you have it, folks! A quick-start guide to cloth diapering. Got questions? Send us a message!