We are thrilled you are considering us for your diaper journey!

As part of our community, here’s what you can expect:

Step 1
Pick Your Package

Start by visiting our Pricing Page to find the package that best fits your needs.

Need help choosing? Contact us, we’re here to help!

Step 2
Sign Up For An Account

Create your account using the Sign Up form.

Note: We suggest setting up services 4-6 weeks before your baby’s arrival. If you would like to start immediately, please make a note in ou sign-up form. We need one week of lead time to activate your account.

Step 3
Receive First Delivery

We deliver a full week of supplies two weeks before baby’s due date. Every package comes with a video tutorial and additional support as needed.

The Starter Kit includes:

  • Pail
  • Reusable pail liner
  • Diapers according to your package selection
  • Supplies according to your
    selected package
Step 4
Alert Us of Arrival

Contact us when your little one arrives and we will activate your weekly deliveries.

Step 5

On your weekly delivery day, simply tie up your dirty diaper bag and make it available for contactless pick up. No need to count or return unused diapers, we account for that when delivering your clean diapers.

Ready to Get started?

Sign up for a 4-week subscription with the option to hold, modify, or cancel any time.

We cannot wait to serve your family on your cloth diapering journey!

Still wondering if cloth diapering is for you?

We offer regular Q&A sessions to learn more. We are also happy to answer any questions you have over email or phone.