Below are answers to common questions we get at Green Diaper Babies. If you have additional questions or concerns, do not hesitate to be in touch! You can reach us by phone at 773-DIAPERS or by email at Already a customer? We have an Established Customer FAQ page for your reference.

What is your service area? 

We deliver in the Chicago and surrounding Chicagoland area. We deliver to homes or businesses with any Chicago zip code. View THIS MAP to see our general delivery range. Some areas within our deliver range may incur an $8/week additional delivery fee until more families join that area. If you are wondering whether we deliver to your area, contact us and we will let you know!

What if this is my first time with cloth diapers? 

You are in good hands!  Most of our families at Green Diaper Babies are beginners. Our promise to you is that we will support you all along the journey. You’ll be changing about 80 diapers in the first week so you’ll be a pro in no time! We will send regular emails with tips and insights and you can contact our team via email anytime. We encourage you to join our Facebook community for questions, comments, and hand-me-downs with other Green Diaper Babies families.

What’s the difference between pre-folds and all-in-ones?

Our packages use two types of cloth diapers: pre-folds and all-in-ones. 

The All-In-One Diaper

All-in-Ones are one-piece diapers that are 100% washable. Simply snap on, snap off, wash, and repeat. They have the advantage of being simple to use and do not require additional accessories.

Watch this video  to see what an All-In-One is like!


Pre-folds require a three step process: 1) wrap 100% cotton prefold around baby, 2) secure with snappi, and 3) put on the waterproof cover. Pre-folds are a more economical option than all-in-ones. 

We supply and wash both the prefold and waterproof covers, all you need are the snappis which can be purchased in our store.

Watch this video or read our blog to see what a Prefold is like!

Where do I get covers for prefolds?

20 waterproof covers are included in the prefolds package. Covers can typically be wiped off and used multiple times before needing to be washed, so you’ll only need 20 to get you through the week! Our covers are of the highest quality, and chosen because we think they will service our families best.

If you would rather supply your own covers, you are more than welcome to do so. Personal covers must be washed at home, and there is no change in your monthly subscription price. Please visit our store for a selection of great options. We recommend the Covers Bundle.

What about the poop?

We are in the business of dirty work and so poop is no new thing for us.  No need to soak, scrape, scrub, or spray the diapers before placing them in the pail.

Once solid foods are introduced, we solely ask all possible ‘plopable’ solids go in the toilet before the diaper goes in the pail. You can use thin flushable liners to make this easy!

To address the smell, we recommend our Pail Deodorant. It works wonders and can be sprinkled directly on the diapers.

What’s the starter kit?

The starter kit comes with your first delivery for a one-time fee. It includes: a diaper pail (to be returned at end of service) and pail liner.

You can provide your own pail, but our reusable liners are required. This will be delivered in your first drop off with your diapers and other supplies.

Can I add diaper service and products from your store to my registry?

Yes! Instead of receiving tons of disposables at your shower you can ask friends and family to give gift cards to receive cloth diaper service instead. 

If you are using, here’s how to add us to your registry:

  1. Once you’ve set up an account follow these instructions to add the Babylist bookmark to your computer.
  2. To add gift cards for diaper service, click the Babylist bookmark from our Gift Card page.
  3. To add items from our store, click the Babylist from the page of the particular item you would like to add in our store.

We’ll automatically apply gift cards to your account when you sign up. Unless requested sooner, any products purchased from Green Diaper Babies store will be included in your first delivery.

How do you access our building or home?

During registration, you’ll be asked to select a secure Diaper Exchange Spot.* This can be a garage + code, a key + back gate, front porch, foyer, back stairs, etc. We deliver to homes, condos, apartment building, high rises!

 *Based on our experience, it is not preferable to buzz/call you each week. 

Do we get the same diapers back each week?

We wash the diapers in large batches based on soil level and fiber style for better efficiency and less water usage. That means we cannot ensure that you receive the same diapers back each week. Rest assured that we do hand-sort each diaper for quality prior to packing up your clean bag of fresh diapers.

How many diapers am I provided?

Our base counts are as follows:

  • We initially provide 80 diapers in the cloths subscription, and to 40 cloth in the cloth & paper subscription, paper quantity varies based on size.
  • Additional cloth diapers can be added by sets of 10 per week for free if needed during a period of higher usage. 

Your initial drop off will include a full supply of diapers and wipes (as you ordered), as will your second drop off. From that point on, we will count the numbers of diapers that we pick up dirty & deliver that number the following week, beginning a rotation system. You will always keep any leftover clean supplies at home. That way you have something to fall back on, just in case!

You can always increase your paper inventory at $0.50 per paper. If you are finding that you are running short of diapers, contact us to increase your diaper count. 

Is there a discount for twins/siblings?

We love servicing families of multiples and cloth diapers are a great money saver. We offer 25% off the supplies for the second child and 50% off the third. Contact us for diaper counts and cover options for multiple children.

If you already have a child in the service, when you are expecting another, just head over to your Customer Change Form, or email our team to set up the due date of deliveries before your baby arrives.

Is there tiered diaper pricing?

At Green Diaper Babies, we do not charge weekly based on the amount of diapers used. There is no advantage or disadvantage to the number of diapers you’ll use. Use as many as you need, and that will be enough!

GDB provides the diapers, but what else do we need?

We provide the laundry and diaper supply for weekly delivery. You purchase and maintain your own accessories. We offer rental covers, but encourage you to purchase the necessary accessories in our Bundles. They can also be purchased individually in our Store. We’ve already done the homework to find the best products for you.

Items you may consider: 

  • Cloth Diaper Safe Ointment — Please make sure that the diaper balm and cream that you use is safe for cloth and your baby!
  • Large Wet Bag — What to do with that dirty cloth diaper in public? Put it in your wet bag! These waterproof bags are super handy and super cute. They come in handy for much more than just diapers!
  • Small Wet Bag – If you’re just popping out for an hour or two, we recommend taking a smaller wet bag with you in place of the large one. These can also be used to store cloth wipes!
  • Snappi Diaper Fasteners— Modern day diaper fasteners for those who use prefolds! These are optional, but handy.
  • Noleo – A 3-in-1 diaper change product that pairs with cloth wipe or cotton pads that clean, moisturize, and protect bottoms.
What is the vacation policy?

When you are traveling, there are two options for your diaper service:

  • Utilize your cloth diapers on your travels and we’ll skip your house while you are gone.
  • Have us swap out your usual package for Nest paper diapers in your size for your vacation week. We skip your house while you are gone.

Neither option incurs an extra charge. We ask for vacation requests 3 business days before your route day and are happy to help families coordinate their travel needs. We also offer options to take more cloth diapers and pail liners for longer trips, if desired. You do not receive a credit for skipping a week of service.

How do I make changes or adjustments to my account and services?

When we create your account, you’ll have access to the Manage Subscription Forms where you can manage your service details. On this page you can modify sizes, quantities, add products, or even change packages. We bill automatically every 4 weeks.

What is the minimum contract period?

Our service is on a 4-week auto billing cycle, and we do not offer refunds for the first 4 weeks of service. We request a 1 week notice to cancel subscription services. If after the first 4 weeks of service, you cancel in the middle of a billing cycle, we reserve the right to charge a $15 refund fee. Gift cards are non-refundable.

What about daycares?

We have found that many daycares are open to cloth diapers if you show them how to use them or provide them with the all-in-ones (they are a little easier). If you need additional tutorials or help, please ask our team!  If your daycare is resistant, we recommend the 1/2 paper + 1/2 cloth package. We send enough paper diapers weekly that you can send the disposables to daycare and keep the cloth at home! 

Do you have a referral / rewards program?

You betcha! Word of mouth is so important to us, and we highly prioritize our clients recommendations. Nothing means more than a happy cloth diapering family sharing their enthusiasm! For each referral, we offer 10% off an upcoming 4 week diaper fee for both you and your new expecting friends.

How do the wipes work?

Go completely waste free and use cloth wipes! Add them on to your diaper service & throw them in the diaper pail along with your diapers. We suggest 80 cloth wipes weekly paired with Noleo for ease of use and healthy skin.

If you prefer disposables, you can opt in to receive a pack or two with your diapers weekly. We offer Bambo Nature baby wipes.

When should I start? What about the umbilical cord?

We deliver your supplies pre-baby so you can determine the start timeline that works for your family. We recommend signing up for service 4-6 weeks before your due date.

Meconium is no trouble for us and diapers can be worn under an umbilical cord. For many of our families they purchase a pack of Nest paper diapers to use during the first week and start cloth when the stump falls off. Whatever fits you, fits for us! Contact us on Day 1 of cloth and we will start your weekly exchanges.

Can I start services after my baby is a few months old? Is it too late?

It is never too late to join Green Diaper Babies diaper service! When you are ready for diaper service use our Sign Up form or call us to start. The weight of your child will help us determine which size of diaper to begin your services.

Do you offer striping, or washing my personal stash?

As of August 2023, we do offer a Wash My Stash package.

Help, I forgot to leave out my dirty diapers!

It happens, no sweat! You have two options:

  • Bring your dirty diapers to our warehouse for a drop off: 2021 W. Fulton St.
  • Hold onto your dirty diapers for pick up next week, we will pick up 2 dirty bags.

Ready to Get started?

Sign up for a 4-week subscription with the option to hold, modify, or cancel any time.

We cannot wait to serve your family on your cloth diapering journey!

Still wondering if cloth diapering is for you?

We offer regular Q&A sessions to learn more. We are also happy to answer any questions you have over email or phone.