Luludew | Small Wet Bag

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A small wet bag is perfect for being on the go! This wet bag is waterproof, odor-proof and can store 2 soiled cloth diapers, plus cloth wipes. Attach it to your fanny pack, stroller, or car seat if you're just going out for a couple hours. It can also be used to hold pre-moistened cloth wipes. Later on, it's great for holding snacks, wet swim suits, and wipes.

Inner: 100% PUL Outer: 100% Polyester

Care Instructions

Wash and dry warm. Do not use bleach or fabric softener.


  • Features a tab so it can easily be looped onto a carabiner or attached to a large wet bag.
  • Double layer of fabric for odor protection and durability.
  • May be machine washed and dried.
  • Dimensions 8.5" x 5"
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