Wash My stash

your diapers, our dirty work

Let us do the dirty work by washing your personal stash of diapers every week! 

To sign up for wash my stash, please use the form below, not the main sign up form.

New to the terminology of cloth diapers? Read our guide!

  • All pricing reflects a four-week cycle
  • You have the option to hold, modify or cancel any time
  • Packages require a one-time $20 start-up fee and use of our green laundry bag for exchanges. 
  • We do not wash wool or alpaca wool cloth diapers.
  • While we will do our utmost to handle your diapers with care, Green Diaper Babies is not liable for any personal items that are lost, stolen or damaged during the time of service. You may add additional diapers to your stash at any time without notifying us.
  • Please ensure you have enough diapers to last you 2 weeks. We always have a dirty set while you have a clean set.