Cloth diapers are a lower waste, safer option for your baby compared to disposable diapers, thanks to their reusability and material composition. Cloth diapers are made of natural and synthetic materials that absorb your child’s mess, keeping clothes and bedding dry. Studies show that they reduce diaper rash and accelerate potty training. Learn more about the benefits on our Why Cloth Diapers page.

Every cloth diaper has an absorbent layer + a waterproof layer. Finding the diaper style that matches your family’s needs is key to success. Green Diaper Babies has two cloth diaper options: prefolds and all-in-ones.

PREFOLDS have an absorbent layer made of 100% organic cotton and a cover that serves as the waterproof layer. These two pieces are not attached, and so putting them on the baby requires a few steps, including securing the absorbent layer with snappis.

  • Benefits: affordable and allows for cover reuse
  • Drawbacks: requires some extra assembly and accessories

Watch this video to see what a Prefold is like!

ALL-IN-ONES have the absorbent layer and waterproof layer sewn together, so putting it on is a one step process.

  • Benefits: fewer steps for use
  • Drawbacks: more expensive and diapers take up more space

Watch this video to see what an All-In-One is like!

When utilizing prefolds, you must pair the insert with an outer waterproof cover. Green Diaper Babies supplies 20 covers per week with your prefolds. Covers can be wiped off and reused multiple times, so 20 covers will be plenty to get you through the week. When they are soiled, toss them into your pail along with the prefolds.

Covers are available in two sizes: newborn (6-12 lbs) and one size (12-33 lbs).

Cloth wipes are soft and minimizes waste. We highly recommend you give them a try! The cloth wipes we offer are 100% cotton and, when used wet or with Noleo (our recommended wipe solution), leave your baby’s bottom less irritated.

If you’d rather stick to disposable wipes, we can provide ECO by Naty with your subscription. If you choose to add wipes to your subscription, we will deliver your selection with your weekly diaper supply.

A major perk to cloth diapers is that they are reusable, but that does mean they need to be washed instead of thrown out. Between when they are used and when we launder them, you’ll need a plan for storage! For this we recommend a diaper pail where you can store your soiled diapers between washes. You can rent one from us or buy your own. We provide pail liners with your weekly supplies. We also offer for purchase pail deodorant that can be sprinkled as needed to address smell.

But what if you aren’t at home when making a diaper change? Here’s where a wet bag comes in! A wet bag is waterproof and washable with room for approximately 10 diapers at a time which comes in handy when on-the-go.

We don’t think you need much when it comes to diapering, but there are a few must-haves:

  • cloth-diaper-safe rash cream
  • diaper balm
  • wipe solution, like Noleo
  • pail deodorant
  • wet bag

Our bundle packs cover these basics. You can also get what you need from our store on an as-needed basis.

Green Diaper Babies has specialized in cloth diapers for almost a decade. Our goal is to make reusing cloth diapers easy for your family so that our earth can benefit from your decision to reduce waste! We will guide you from prior to your baby’s arrival all the way until potty training. GDB clients are supported via videos and tutorials to help with the learning curve. We also highly recommend attending a cloth diaper workshop.

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