There are many ways to use a prefold.  Fastening a prefold with pins or a Snappi can help with containing the poo and keeping it off your diaper covers as well as securing the prefold on the waist well.

What you will need:

  • prefolds
  • Snappi
  • covers
  • a baby (or stuffed animal) to wrap up

Now onto the folds!  (If your prefold seems long you can always fold it down in the back–this will also help with containing blowouts that go up the back!)

First is the Newspaper Fold.  This fold is perfect for extra absorbency in the front area, which is why it is popular for boys.  You can always fold down the extra cloth in the back for a girl if it seems bulky.

(notice the pouch you create for the poo)

(make sure to pull the back wings up first and then to the center, tightening around the leg)

(securing with the Snappi is recommended for better hold inside the cover)


Next is the Angle Wing Fold.  This is very similar to the Newspaper  Fold, just without the fold in front, very easy!

(again make sure to pull the back wings UP and then towards the center)

A wonderful fold, The Bikini Twist.  Not only is this a fun and quick fold it also provides a lot of absorbency.  For a boy focus on having the ‘knot’ more towards the front and for a girl the ‘knot’ more central.  Avoid the knot becoming too tight so that it doesn’t cover the whole area.  (With a larger prefold you can try a double twist!)

(Notice the bulk is in the front, but still is spread evenly through the area)

(Pull UP the to the center)

The Jelly Roll.  This fold is perfect for helping with the blowouts by creating the leg gussets and creating an extra barrier around the thighs.

(Roll the cloth in from the middle of the diaper)

(Notice the leg gusset that is formed–this is a great addition to any fold!)

And finally the Trifold in the Cover.  This fold is simple and you can have many ready to go in your nursery for when grandma visits, you have a babysitter, or perhaps for in the middle of the night.  Though the fold is simple it does not hold breastfed or other bowel well because it is not secured at the waist.  It can be easily weighed down with any movement (the covers will dirty quicker).  This is wonderful for older babies and wet diapers.

I hope you have found these photos helpful and now you have more folds to incorporate into your diaper changing!  Keep Calm and Cloth Diaper.  🙂

If you’d like another photo break down of these folds AND MORE (flats folds included) check out the blog at Mom Loves Best HERE.