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First and foremost, we love both prefold and all-in-one diapers! Each style gets the job of absorbing and containing done. Usually the differences come down to the parent’s preference and previous experience with cloth diapers.


  • Prefolds are a 3-Step assembly process. Step 1) Fold the prefold diaper (cotton flat) around baby 2) Secure prefold with a snappi, Step 3) Wrap the waterproof cover on top of prefold, adjusting snaps for proper fit. Watch this video to see what a Prefold is like!
  • All-in-ones are a 1-Step assembly process. The pad is already secured within the waterproof cover, and all you need to do is snap it onto baby, adjusting to the proper fit. These are a little bit simpler, reminiscent of disposables. Watch this video  to see what an All-In-One is like!


  • Prefolds are generally less convenient than all-in-ones because of the 3-Step Assembly process. However, when you’re changing 50-80 diapers a week you’ll get the hang of it quick! As baby gets older, instead of wrapping the prefold around the baby, you can make a trifold pad, which makes it even simpler. Green Diaper Babies provides and launders the waterproof covers, all you need to buy are the snappis.
  • All-in-ones are more convenient because all you have to do is snap them onto baby, snap them off and throw the whole diaper into the pail! The entire diaper can be washed without disassembling.

Available Adjustments:

  • Prefolds allow for a little bit more flexibility per the baby’s needs. For example, you can change up the kind of fold you use depending on if they’re a boy or girl or where their diapers tends to need the most layers. You can easily fold a second diaper using the trifold method, or add a cotton pad or doubler to offer extra absorption. There are 4 sizes of prefolds depending on the baby’s weight. Like with all-in-ones, the cover is adjustable with various snaps to grow with baby.
  • All-in-ones can have doublers and cotton pads added for more absorption. You can adjust the various snaps on the diaper to get larger as baby grows. There are 2 sizes of all in ones, small and large. Once baby is about 12lbs they will be ready for the larger diapers and these will grow with them until it’s time to potty train!


  • Prefolds are made of 100% cotton, and the cover is made of PUL (polyurethane laminate).
  • All-in-ones padding is made of soft bamboo terry and layers of microfiber cloth. The cover has a layer of fleece and then is also made of PUL on the outside.


  • Prefolds are a more economical option at $216/4 weeks of service.
  • All-in-ones are priced at $256/4 weeks of service.


  • Prefolds are more similar to the cotton flats and rubber pants many of our customers were raised on. While the strides in cloth diaper technology have resulted in the prefold + snappi + waterproof cover, many people like the idea of carrying on this more traditional style of cloth diapering.
  • All-in-ones represent the most contemporary version of cloth diapering. Given it’s ease of use some customers like to carry on the tradition (or start a new one!) in their family with these diapers!

No matter which you choose you can’t go wrong! Whether prefold or all-in-one, you can trust that you are wrapping your baby in a safe and soft diaper free of chemicals.


Not sure which style is the right fit for your family? Try out our Cloth Plus package, which gives you half prefold, half all-in-one diapers! Adjust your package at anytime if you find out one diaper works best for you!