If you diaper your baby with cotton prefolds, you know how customizable and flexible they are to your baby’s needs! Our resources depict different folds you can do with your prefold diapers, and videos showing you how prefolds work. Green Diaper Babies also includes top-quality Luludew Newborn and Regular Size Diaper Covers with their prefolds packages. These covers are ingeniously designed to adapt to your baby’s changing needs and sizes. With two size options available – Newborn (5-12 lbs) and Regular (12+ lbs) – Luludew covers provide a snug and comfortable fit throughout your baby’s diapering journey. They not only provide excellent leak protection but also offer the flexibility to be reused multiple times, making them an economical and sustainable choice for parents.

prefold cotton diaper being folded into waterproof cover

We like to say that prefolds consist of a three part assembly process:

  1. Absorbent Layer – this consists of your 100% cotton prefold diapers. You can wrap this diaper around your baby or as they get old fold it into a pad.
  2. Keep it Together – use a snappi to keep the diaper in place
  3. Waterproof Cover – putting a cover over the absorbent layer is essential to containing messes.

In this guide, we’ll delve into the ins and outs of using covers efficiently and making the most out of their unique features!prefold diaper folded inside newborn cover

Maximizing Reusability


One of the key features of our covers is their ability to be reused multiple times between washes. Green Diaper Babies provides their families in the full prefold package with 20 covers, so you can rotate between 2-3 per day. Here’s how you can maximize their reusability:

  1. Wipe or Rinse Covers: For slightly soiled covers, wipe off or rinse any urine residue with a damp cloth or baby wipe. Let it air dry before use again.
  2. Air Out Between Changes: After each diaper change, allow the cover to air dry before reuse. Hanging it in a well-ventilated area can help eliminate moisture and odors, extending its usability.
  3. Rotate: Using this system you can switch between covers multiple times before considering it dirty and tossing it in with your diapers to be washed.

Utilize Fleece Liners

cover with prefold inside showing fleece liner snapped onto cover

Regular sized covers come with an option to snap in a fleece liner. In a sense, this liner turns the cover into a pocket cover. The fleece liner is excellent for naps, nighttime use or longer stretches between changes. Fleece wicks moisture away which helps keep your baby feeling dry and comfortable while they sleep. When it’s time for a diaper change, toss the fleece liner into your pail with the soiled diapers. Continue using the cover, depending on how clean or dirty it is. 10 fleece liners are included with your covers upon request, but their use is not required. Watch this video to see how to use the Regular Size covers.

Make the Most of the Extra Features

Along with cute patterns, our covers come with other features to make diapering as easy as can be. Check it out:

  • In the Regular Size, you can tuck a trifolded pad into Tuck into the front and back pockets to prevent leaks.
  • Pull out leg gussets
  • Our Newborn Size Covers are hook and loop, which is good for small babies with little wastes. It is designed to fit below the umbilical stump and grow until they are about 12lbs.
  • Our Regular Size Covers include waist and hip snaps. This is better as they get bigger to prevent drooping, and to keep baby from removing their own diaper when they start getting curious! These covers fit from 12lbs to potty training.

We are confident these covers provide the best leak protection and most snug fit for your baby. On the other hand, families can provide their own covers and wash them at home while we launder their prefolds. Our goal is to make living honestly living honestly, consuming less, and building a better tomorrow easy. Together, our families keep thousands of diapers out of landfills every year! Contact us with any questions.