Learn the quick and easy ways to Fit Check your All in One cloth diaper.

Check out these videos for a full length fit check on a Size 1 Luludew Diaper or a Size 2 Bumgenius Diaper (Size 2 Luludew video coming soon)!

Some other tips:

  • Make sure the back of Diaper is equal to the belly button.
  • Pull up the diaper through the legs, taut.
  • Pull the leg gussets towards the leg crease for clear and tight thigh wrap.
  • Adjust the front rows of snaps to adjust length of rise for better fit.
  • Pull the back hip flap towards the center for a secure snap closure.
  • Both sides snap the hip flaps and avoid looseness.
  • Check all thigh and back regions, all cloth is inside the diaper and ensure there are no gaps.

Baby will be ready to move up from size 1 All in One Diapers to size 2 around 12lbs. As baby grows, so does their bladder! They will eventually need the extra absorption a Size 2 diaper offers. If you’re a Green Diaper Babies client struggling with leaks or sizing, shoot us a message so we can help troubleshoot!