Cloth Diapering Tips
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Fit Check an All in One Diaper

Learn the quick and easy ways to Fit Check your All in One cloth diaper.

  1. Back of Diaper is equal to the belly button.
  2. Pull up the diaper through the legs, taut.
  3. Pull the leg gussets towards the leg crease for clear and tight thigh wrap.
  4. Adjust the front rows of snaps to adjust length of rise for better fit.
  5. Pull the back hip flap towards the center for a secure snap closure.
  6. Both sides snap the hip flaps and avoid looseness.
  7. Check all thigh and back regions, all cloth is inside the diaper and ensure there are no gaps.
  8. Tuck extra diaper material under the row above if needed, for best fit.

cloth diapering made simple

AIO fitting graphic