Ashley L Arnold Lifestyle Health Coaching

Ashley L Arnold Lifestyle Health Coaching

What is your company / who are you?

Ashley L Arnold Lifestyle Health Coaching

Leveraging combined experience across public health and integrative healthcare with specialized training in functional nutrition and health coaching, I work for myself and engage with customers directly in order to support them in a positive health journey.

What do you do, what services do you offer, who do you offer it to?

Programs and services that I deliver support and improve health, well-being, and vitality through a combination of 1) breaking down barriers related to the healthcare landscape and human physiology, 2) centering on shifts in mindset and behavior as related to health outcomes, and 3) teaching realistic, implementable ways to remain consistent with healthful living.

Current offerings include health coaching bundles and a few product options related to whole-food eating.

Coming soon are courses which will be delivered on the Thinkific learning platform and a business affiliate offer/program.

Characteristics of my ideal customer(s) include;

  • the average age of 30’s-40’s
  • likely has young children and they may be a stay at home parent and/or work part-time due to coordination with the kids
  • may have a new diagnosis of some sort of chronic condition, such as autoimmune, and/or feels laggy on a somewhat regular basis
  • has had some interest in integrative or “holistic” approaches, but hasn’t yet taken sufficient action
  • is not getting their needs met with their current healthcare scenario(s)
  • lends toward female

Where do you offer this?

What do you love about what you do, why do you do it?

There are so many knowledge gaps and limiting beliefs around maintaining a healthful lifestyle.  Also, there is a mess of misinformation out there further confusing people.  I enjoy the ability to encourage a can-do attitude by breaking down barriers that may be standing in people’s way.  People who feel more empowered and vital as a result of positive health changes often go on to do even greater things and contribute more positive energy within respective environments in which they engage.

What is something that most interests you about this topic and need?

A significant need is for people who don’t fit well within service offerings that the average larger, systematic healthcare network provides.  Examples of this may include someone who has been newly diagnosed with an autoimmune condition or someone who is simply not feeling all that well on a semi-regular to regular basis, yet has little idea where to start within healthcare and health service options.

What is the most interesting thing you’ve learned this year, the company or otherwise?

Shifts in the digital marketplace kind of snuck by me during the years I was completing my graduate degree in public health and those shortly after.  However, we are now in the trenches of what we consider a new “era” with regards to the intersect between technology with the economy and delivery of services.  I have spent a LOT of time over the last year catching up my knowledge and skills in this area so that I can better serve my customer and streamline various aspects related to the client journey with my business.

Thank you for sharing your life & business with us Ashley!