Koenig Family, party of 4!

The Koenig Family

Traveling in Canada end of 2017.
The Koenig Family, in cloth since 2015.

Traveling in Canada end of 2017.
The Koenig Family, in cloth since 2015.

1. Why do you like traveling with cloth?

Cloth is what we’re used to! That comfort is key: travel usually involves sitting for long, long stretches of time, so cloth is what keeps us all happy.

2. Where have you gone with cloth?

So far we’ve done LA, Bermuda, Portland, New Mexico, Toronto, SF, St. Louis, DC, Ottawa, and Philadelphia. We’ve got two little ones, both in diapers.

3. What tips and tricks help you manage cloth while not at home?

We always rely on wet bags when we’re out during the day, so the question becomes: what do we do with the big green sack when we’re on the road?

When driving we simply keep it in the trunk of the car, dropping off our dirties every day or two. When flying we typically have an entire suitcase allocated just to diapers, and by the end that sack is its sole occupant. Thankfully it’s hospital grade! We keep it tied up tight, and have never had an odor problem. No comments from the TSA either!

4. How has this benefitted your family?

We don’t like the thought of saddling our hosts with a stream of disposable diapers. We also don’t want our little hotel room trash cans to be overflowing with dirties. Keeping with cloth means keeping our waste to ourselves, and that’s been worth the extra checked bag.

5. Anything else?

Traveling with cloth is only an option for us because we have such an accommodating partner in Green Diaper Babies. They’ve made it easy for us to plan ahead and reschedule pick-up/drop-off, and that flexibility has made all the difference.

Thanks for being with us Koenig Family, we are thrilled to have had you in the service since April 2015!