All About the Poop

I’m in the poop business.  There I said it, there’s no way around it.  Now that you have a little one or are expecting a little one, you too, more or less are also now in that business!  There will be much to observe and take note of in the first few weeks and months of having your little one, bowel movements will be one of those things.  Maybe you’ve already discussed the poo chart with your partner or been informed by your doctor about what to expect.  If not, here are a few guidelines to help you during the first few weeks as you are figuring everything out.

Dark Poop At First

Initially the first few diapers will contain dark, black tar looking poop.  This is the meconium.  The reason for it’s very dark color is due to the nutrients the baby receives in utero.  This is very normal and expected in the beginning!

Color, Smell, Texture

What comes out of your little one is dependent on what is going in and can change in texture and color.

Normal Breastfed poop: mustard yellow, brown, and green are expected: think earth tones!  The texture should be pasty and seed-like. The odor is minimal (not like a regular bowel movement).

Normal Formula-fed poop: Yellow to brown tones with a peanut-butter to pudding texture.  Unfortunately this batch smells much more like the real thing!

Frequency and Signs of Trouble

Dirty diapers will vary greatly from one baby to the next.  Breastfed babies can more easily digest the milk and often will poop after each feeding. However it can be very normal for complete day or days to be skipped in bowel movements.  Keep in mind also that your baby will probably poop less as he grows.  Contact your doctor if 3-5 days pass without a bowel movement or if the stool is: little pebbles (constipated), discolored red (intestinal issues), green and diarrhea-like (mucus-often infection), or white (not absorbing nutrients).

It’s Entertaining to Watch

As new as this is for you, it’s also all new for your baby.  Pooping will involve grunting and crying, and I’m sure many a silly face.  There is no reason to be alarmed.  Once your newborn gets familiar with her body and all that it does, the sounds and signals won’t be quite as noticeable.

Cloth diaper vs. disposable

In a cloth diaper, more of the good stuff sticks to the cloth and leaves less to wipe up on the bottom.  Also blowouts are nearly non-existent in cloth diapers as the cloth pores quickly absorb the moisture.  Be prepared for a few very messy changes in your disposables, and remember in either diaper you should flush all “plopable” stool!

Welcome to the poop business!

Pre-Fold cloth diapers: 100% Organic Indian Cotton.

Pre-Fold cloth diapers: 100% Organic Indian Cotton.