It can be overwhelming, each day seems to run into the next and soon enough your once seven pound newborn is a crawling 8 month old.  Along the way you’ll note certain milestones. Keep in mind that babies do develop at varying levels.  Let’s look through the first 6-7 months (24-28 weeks) of milestones.

2 weeks old
Your baby cannot see more than a few inches and most is blurred vision, but they may start to focus on faces a bit more than right after birth.

Janek at 11 days old.

Janek at 11 days old.

3 weeks old
Watch for signs of colic which look like incessant crying; multiple hours without stopping, multiple days each week.

4 weeks old
There will be new additional noises; much like a dove’s coo, by now you’ve probably also learned the sounds cues for feeding and changing.

During this first month you cannot spoil your baby enough.  Cuddle and soothe, talk and entertain your child all through the day.  Take time to get outside on walks and make sure to also give your baby plenty of tummy time to strengthen her muscles.

6 weeks old
Facial features are attached more to emotions than before.  A grin before may have been gas, now you can expect it to be a happy smile.

12 weeks old
You should now see your facial expressions and noises mimicked by your baby. Talking to your baby and over expressing words and noises entertain and help guide your baby in discovery.  You will also note around 3 months old her grown strength.  At tummy time there are now small push ups, which are small starts to being able to roll over.  She is able to connect her hand to her mouth and successfully grab and hold toys.

Baby in cloth diapers from the city of Chicago and suburbs cloth diaper delivery service Green Diaper Babies.

Sam Lewis at 3 Months.

18-28 weeks old
During this stretch of time your baby will be much better at focusing and will be able to follow toys and people out of their view.  Peakaboo is perfect game to play at this stage as they will be fully engaged.  You will also note his ability to recognize his name from your lips and other words, like “no.”

Lia Jeanne at 4 months.

Lia Jeanne at 4 months.

Through the months there will be a lot of time spent with your baby; take the time to give the loving attention they need and desire.  Play games, talk about and point out items and actions you’re doing, read books and go for walks.  Your baby will enjoy the change of sceneries and opportunities to experience new noises and objects. Be sure to take age-appropriate measures to baby-safe your home.

Again, remember that all babies will develop individually, guidelines are helpful to see but not required to be followed.

Consult your doctor if at any of these stages your baby:

  • Shows no interest or alarm at new, loud noises; bright lights; or shows no response to smiles or verbal expressions
  • At the appropriate stage does not appear to be gaining muscular strength, for example at 7 months your child should be able to hold his head up on his own
  • Is not affectionate or soothed by those closest to him

Enjoy the journey!!  If you are worried at any of the milestones, talk with your doctor.