Cloth Diapering Overnight and Solutions

Looking for some overnight solutions, tricks and tips?  You’ve come to the right place!   This quick guide to your options for cloth diapering overnight should encourage you and help you and your baby sleep better at night!

Check out our list below of various solutions to overnight cloth diapering or heavy wetness.  If we left something out please be sure to leave a comment.  Feel free to share your experience about what has and hasn’t worked for you and your baby!

overnight cloth diapering
  • Doublers

    First, try a doubler!  This can do a lot for a child overnight or through long stretches of sleep. This trim insert can be made of bamboo, hemp, microfiber with fleece lining, or cotton.  Depending on your child’s needs for absorbency and fit all of these doublers can be effective in holding more liquid.

    *Our doubler service offered is $2.50 weekly for 10 doublers made of microfiber and lined with fleece.  Fleece lining can help wick the “wetness” away from the baby’s bum which may keep them happier while sleeping and keep them from waking.

  • Two Diapers

    Your next option is doubling up your diaper!  Depending on the baby this can be the most effective because the child has double layering and all the material one would need for heavy wetting.  Keep in mind, one option is to wear 2 diapers, pinned and folded in the same way; another option is to fold one into thirds and treat as a folded insert inside a prefold.  You may be able to use 2 of the same size prefolds or perhaps you need a smaller size for that second diaper.  We can help you get creative with your overnight solutions!

  • Wool Covers

    wool coversConsidering a wool cover as an option for overnight can be daunting, but it might be just the solution you need! Pay attention to wool cover instructions, treatment, and maintenance and it just might be the missing element you need!

  • New Folding Methods

    trifold folding methodYou could also try a variety of different folding methods:

    -Newspaper fold: layers the front portion of a prefold to help your baby boy where the main wetness starts!

    -Trifold: fold your prefold into thirds and treat the diaper as a thick pad inside your cover.

    -Bikini Twist: bring thickness in the back for your baby girl to help her heavy wetness.