Kiddos in Cloth Diapers

Thanks to our very talented friend Darcy Demmel Photography we were able to get some wonderful snaps of these adorable babies in cloth diapers.  There are many reasons why we love to wrap kiddos in 100% cotton and one of our favorites is they look so darn cute!

I mean who can not smile at this adorable face?!





I love these photos in particular because they are wearing cloth diapers from our company 773-DIAPERS.  These babes are adorable and display how cute, comfortable, and convenient cloth diapers are.  At 773-DIAPERS we aim to provide quality modern cloth diaper service for Chicagoland with a personal, friendly, and supportive touch.





The babies love the 100% cloth on their bums we just know it!  A huge thank you to Darcy Demmel Photography and these beautiful babies for showing off their cuteness and the lovely diapers of 773-DIAPERS.  To read more about the 773-DIAPERS visit us at