3 Common Myths of Cloth Diapers

3 Common Myths of Cloth Diapers


We hear this one a lot, of course it’s messy, it’s a dirty diaper after all. You won’t get around having to wipe baby’s bum, but here’s the truth about cloth:

  1. Fewer Blowouts. There may still be the occasional lava poop, but with cloth diapers these blowouts are highly reduced. With disposables, parents can be greeted by blowouts at almost every poopy diaper change. You can guarantee cloth diapers can hold in even the messiest of BMs.
  2. The Diaper Service does the dirty work for you! No rinsing, scraping or worrying about the mess yourself. Just toss the soiled diaper into your pail and send it to us. If you wash at home, we can’t promise it won’t be messy at times.
  3. At Green Diaper Babies, we offer cloth wipe service as well! Another way to reduce the mess.
  4. When you think about the components that make up a disposable diaper, you can rest assured that cotton and bamboo cloth diapers are also cleaner in their ingredients!


Research is minimal in the department to compare energy and water resources for disposable, single-use plastic vs. textile manufacturing. At our diaper service we source bamboo/cotton, and microfiber blends of all in ones; and only utilize organic cotton for our prefolds.

It’s best to look at the life cycles of single-use plastic vs. cloth diapers. Cloth diapers in our service handle +70 washes, nearly 2 years at least of washing; after they are done as diapers we send them off to be rags for cleaning companies and metal platers. After another MANY years, the cotton can be compost. A closed loop! At best, a single use-plastic diaper can be worn once, tossed in a plastic bag to see 500+ years of time in a landfill.

Additionally, compare supporting a small, local business and their energy output vs. the large corporations producing the name brand disposable diapers in massive, waste producing factories. We program and wash our diapers based on soil levels and styles, which helps to save on water and energy outputs.

**There are companies doing better for diaper ingredients & end of life-composability! Check out NEST, Green Diaper Babies does carry their certified compostable plant based single-use paper diaper.


At Green Diaper Babies we are here to make diapering easy! We pick up the diapers and drop off clean folded ones to your doorstep weekly. We provide all the videos, support, and customer service to join you on the few year journey of diapering. We can also deliver from our store all your other diapering needs such as creams and even coffee! Our diapers have been tested on hundreds of babies and we know what works.

Diapers will need to be changed inevitably 7-12 times per day. With our service you can 1) skip the store, 2) never run out of diapers, 3) and take out the trash less!

Cloth Diapering is Very Difficult

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Consider those myths BUSTED! Curious to learn more about our services? Check out our How It Works page.