It is your choice to cloth diaper while the umbilical cord is on or you can wait to start in cloth after it dries and falls off. Let’s review what you need to consider.

1. Adjust the diaper low

You do not want the diaper to cover the cord area as air helps the wound heal and dry, allowing it to fall off. Keep the diaper below the belly button can help keep it dry and free from irritation.

2. Change the length

Pre-Fold: If you have extra fabric, fold that down in the back of the diaper as opposed to the front. Less bulk and better fit.

All-in-One: Unsnap the front portion of the insert to push the insert below the belly for a looser and better fit.

3. Skip the Snappi

Pre-Fold Only: Start using the snappi AFTER the cord falls off. No extra tension needed until a couple weeks old.

4. Breathing room

Essentially so long as there is a little breathing room around the belly button you should be able to have the diaper on with ease and have the cord dry and fall off (do not rip it off).

Check out our video for visuals!

Your choice—some of our families use Nest disposable diapers until the umbilical cord falls of as it seems that much easier. We support this! Whatever you need during your first weeks of adjusting to new life with a baby you should do!

As a reminder:

Start Cloth on your Route Day: When you start using cloth diapers contact us ASAP so we can arrange your next exchange.

Add Nest paper diapers: They can come in handy should you want them (grab a pack of size 1 just in case)

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