Shannon's Favorites

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Shannon, the owner of Green Diaper Babies, chose these products as her top favorites when she had her baby! Grab your this perfect cloth diaper starter bundle and save 15% off.

  • Everyday Balm - can be used to protect baby's bum, treat cradle cap, and moisturize baby's sensitive skin. All safe ingredients!
  • Wet Bag (Kangacare or Luludew Brands) - waterproof and odor-free, perfect for storing dirty diapers when you're away from your diaper pail.
  • Pail Deodorant - get this shakeable powder to kill any odor from the diapers. Chemical-free and can also be used as a cleaning scrub!
  • NOLEO - our favorite diaper changing ointment! Add to any wipe and wick away poo while also protecting baby's bum.
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