Baby in cloth diapers from the city of Chicago and suburbs cloth diaper delivery service Green Diaper Babies.

Sam Lewis at 3 Months.

Tell us a little bit about your family: Dan and I, Elizabeth, met in law school at Loyola.  We both grew up in the Chicago area and love the city (especially in the summer)!!  We live in the Logan Square/Humboldt Park area with our baby, Sam, and our pup dog, Maddie.  We love camping, running and being outdoors generally.  Maddie loves to participate in all of these activities.  Sam is learning the ropes and already loves going for walks and hanging out by the lake.

Tell us about the little one in the Green Diaper Babies cloth diapers: Sam is our first baby.  We welcomed him into the world with great excitement on April 15, 2014.  He is a sweet, funny little guy.  He loves to snuggle and he loves to hear his own voice.  It has already been so much fun to watch him grow and learn.  He is smiling, chatting and becoming quite interested in toys.  He also loves having his diaper changed.   He always smiles, kicks and chats away on his changing table.  It is his favorite part of every day.

What are the main reasons you like being apart of the Green Diaper Babies family? We love the outdoors and decided to use cloth diapers to do our best to reduce our impact on the planet.  We want Sam to be able to enjoy the planet as much as we have.  Thus, we investigated cloth diaper services.  We could not be any happier that we ended up with Green Diaper Babies.  Shannon is a delight to work with.  She is friendly, organized, prompt and truly devoted to her customers.  She really goes out of her way to make sure we are satisfied.  From the initial meeting when she showed us how to fold cloth diapers, to each and every pickup/delivery, Shannon has been a pleasure.  The diapers are wonderful, too.  Sam is always comfortable and we feel good knowing that his diapers are made of good, old-fashioned cotton and free from the chemicals used in disposable diapers.

What are some of your favorite activities to do as a family?  We love walking and hanging out by the lake.  Maddie is especially fond of spending time at the Montrose Dog Beach.  We also love taking advantage of the chance to eat outdoors during the Chicago summer.  With one minor exception, Sam has been a pretty good restaurant patron so far!  As Sam gets bigger, we hope to introduce him to camping, running and biking!