We are happy to introduce you to the Karson-Kuby Family.  We hope you enjoy reading about their family of 3.

cloth diaper baby

The Karson-Kuby Family. Green Diaper Babies customers since May 2014.

Tell us a little bit about your family.
Mom and Dad met in 1996 while attending Junior High in the suburbs. After dating throughout High School, they went their separate ways only to reconnect a decade later and fall back in love. Mom and Dad both love the outdoors, camping, and building/crafting things. Mom is in Educational Administration and Dad works in Technical Repairs. Baby Alice is the first born and is doted on by everyone who meets her because she is adorable and well behaved.

Tell us about the little one in the Green Diaper Babies cloth diapers.
Baby Alice entered Mom and Dads  world at a very unannounced time both by being a surprise and by arriving a whole month early! She is a giggly little wiggle worm who has just discovered her hand and feet. She enjoys placing anything within reach into her mouth, cooking with mom in the kitchen, and dancing with daddy around the house in her hands free carrier. Even though she was born a month early, and very small, the cloth diapers still were able to work for her!

What are the main reasons you like being apart of the Green Diaper Babies family?
Mom and Dad knew early on they wanted to be conscientious of the environment but weren’t sure how they could cloth diaper without their own laundry facilities. Many of Mom’s friends used cloth at home and were able to give them a crash course in cloth that wasn’t scary (Shannon’s class on cloth only solidified our decision to use GDB!). After researching a ton of disposables claiming to be biodegradable and other diaper services, Mom and Dad found Green Diaper Babies and were smitten. Shannon and Garik entered their world and showed them how easy a Diaper Service could be. Shannon answered a plethora of Moms questions while she was pregnant and made sure both parents were ready for when the baby came.  Plus, GDB makes it easy for daycare to learning how AIO diapers are awesome, easy to use, and cute. Shannon’s personality and attention of care for the service family is what makes us so delighted to be a GDB family.

What are some of your favorite activities to do as a family?
The three of us enjoy finding treasures at garage sales and hanging out at local music fests- we all really like boppin’ top the beat. Since Mom skates and coaches in the Chicago Roller Derby scene, Daddy and Baby go watch her on the track. When the colder months come, we will do a ton of baking and cooking in our freetime. Mom has a HUGE family we sometimes get to head north and see all 5 of my aunties! When we go over to Dad’s family, we get to hang out in the woods and stare at clouds, trees, and hear the woods under our feet. Our family enjoys educating by mixing the outdoors with new adventures. Once Alice is a bit older we will start taking her on road trips so she can see all 50 states just like Mom and Dad did when they were younger.

prefold cloth diaper, 2 weeks old baby

Baby Alice at 14 days old in her prefold cloth diaper and cover.