Cloth wipes, a natural buddy of cloth diapers! Nix disposable wipes and go for cloth in every area of your baby’s diaper changing routine. Here are 3 reasons to make the switch:

Mother changing baby's diaper.

#1 Convenience

Cloth wipes are actually more convenient to the cloth diapering family. Compare the process of each type at the changing station:

A table comparing the steps to use cloth wipes and disposable wipes. Step one of cloth wipes is to use water or solution to moisten wipe, then clean the baby, and then wrap wipes with soiled diaper and toss in diaper bag. Step one for disposables is to use the wipe to clean up baby, then throw it away...into a separate container than the cloth wipes. Then you have to empty this one trash can with smell wipes as often as you do your cloth diapers.

If you want to save time, space, and smell skip the disposables wipes! Rather, with cloth wipes you can simply roll them up with the dirty diaper and toss them all together in the pail, no extra trashcan required. See how simple they are to use with this video from our friends at Tinkle Belle Diaper Service

#2 No Wipes in Landfills

Did you know that 14,000 disposable wet wipes are used every second! That’s a lot. Each wipe will take 100 years to disintegrate, whether tossed in the garbage or flushed down the toilet. 

In one year alone, the families of Green Diaper Babies saved about 112,000 wipes from ending up in landfills by using cloth instead. That’s amazing! Making these little swaps will have an impact for centuries to come.

#3 Chemical Free + Diaper Rash Prevention

Parents can wipe less with larger, fluffy cloth wipes because they are 100% cotton! The solutions and creams paired with cloth wipes are made of clean and safe ingredients. In fact, when you use a cream like NOLEO, every diaper change can work to prevent rashes!

On the other hand, disposable wipes are often filled with harsh chemicals and preservatives that irritate baby’s skin. To make up for this, many major brands have begun releasing an “all-natural wipe” or water based wipes in an effort to create a suitable alternative. While this is good, the truth is the moisture + friction of multiple wipes still irritates a baby’s sensitive skin. It’s like when you have a runny nose and blow it too many times, the end of your nose gets red and raw. 

Cloth wipes with Noleo wipe solution by a wipe warmer container.

What’s Next?

It’s time to make the switch to cloth wipes! If you don’t already have them in your regular Green Diaper Babies delivery, give it a month trial when you use the code below. Buy 2 weeks of cloth wipe service, get 2 weeks free. Simply modify your delivery and use the code: BOGOWIPES23. There are rewards for reading an entire blog! Check out our other Cloth Wipes 101 blogs to read our tips and tricks on how to use them.