The Koenig Family. Customers since April 2015.

The Koenig Family. Customers since April 2015.

Tell us a little bit about your family.

Mary Dawn is Canadian-American, Chris is American. We met in Philadelphia, lived in California, moved to Chicago, and got married in 2013. MD is an assistant professor at UIC and Chris is a software developer.

Tell us about the little one in the Green Diaper Babies cloth diapers.

Ethan is 10 months old now. He’s a cuddly fellow, loves to read, and enjoys walks when it’s not too cold. Most of all he likes being in our company, which works out well because we’re rather fond of him.

What are the main reasons you like being a part of the Green Diaper Babies family?

Besides the magic of our dirty diapers turning clean on Monday morning, it really feels good to reduce our family’s footprint. The amazing community is an added benefit, and of course the diapers make Ethan’s bum look big and adorable!

What are some of your favorite activities to do as a family?

Honestly, sitting around the fireplace together ranks pretty high. But we also enjoy travel around the continent to see friends, family, and National Parks. And on a nice day, nothing beats a family walk with a brief stop at the local bakery.