Why Use a Cloth Diaper Service?

Wondering if cloth is for you?  Get all the information you need at an upcoming cloth diapering class.  We are also happy to answer any questions you have over email or phone.  We have several upcoming classes at various locations from which to choose.

  • Cloth Is Green

    Cloth diapers are an environmentally friendly alternative to disposable diapers. We don’t need to quote the many studies that have documented the impacts of disposables on the environment. Every year millions upon millions of disposable diapers are hauled away and fill our landfills.

    At Green Diaper Babies we don’t take environmental stewardship lightly. We are constantly working to align our business practices to the highest green standards. Cloth is reusable and reduces the load on our landfills and our earth. By choosing to use cloth diapers, you’re making a decision which will leave our earth cleaner for your little one.

  • It’s the Healthy Choice

    The clean, natural feel of cotton is something we promise your baby will enjoy.  Using our 100% cotton diapers is the healthy choice for your baby.

    Diaper Rash
    Cloth diapers are the natural alternative to disposables. Many mothers have switched to cloth after frustration with diaper rash. The incidence of diaper rash has risen in line with the popularity of disposables diapers. It shouldn’t be surprising. All the chemicals in disposable diapers lead to irritation for you baby’s skin. At Green Diaper Babies, our cloth diapers contain no dangerous chemicals and are tested after cleaning to ensure the pH of the diapers matches that of your baby’s skin.

    Potty Training
    Did you know that parents who use cloth see faster potty training results? It’s simple; since there are no chemicals in cloth diapers, but rather natural cotton absorbency, your baby learns much more quickly what it means to be wet. Give your child cloth and finish changing diapers sooner!

  • Convenience

    Green Diaper Babies has a mission to make cloth diapering convenient and easy for parents who know it’s the best choice for their babies and for the environment.

    Learn more about how we make using cloth diapers simple and hassle free. Our weekly delivery services allow you to focus on the time with your baby, rather than worrying about dirty diapers and how to clean them. You simply leave out your dirty diapers and we drop off fresh ones. What could be easier? Let us help make your life better!

  • It Saves Money!

    The economics of cloth diapering must be considered when making the decision to use cloth diapers. Green Diaper Babies is dedicated to assuring quality service at a great price.  When comparing with conventional disposables, don’t forget that cloth diapered babies generally potty-train earlier, sometimes up to a full year earlier!

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