Let’s Get Green, 5 Ways

Alright mama, it’s a new year, a new leaf.  It’s a perfect time to find ways to renew your life and actually live the lifestyle you want.  For those of you who are working to find ways to Go Green and work towards a greener lifestyle this post is for you!  Even if you are just beginning the task to make green changes in your life, this is a great way to start.


5 Ways I am Going Green


The Entry Way

Thanks to the snow and constant cold weather here in Chicago this winter I am more aware of what stuff I track into my apartment daily.  During the summer there was no need to take off my shoes when I was in the apartment, but now, it’s a must, unless I want street salt puddles everywhere.  Not only am I saving myself from wet socks by taking my shoes off in the entry way, I am eliminating the amount of dirt and chemicals I track through the place.


The Ceiling Fan

There is a fan in every single room in this apartment.  During the summer it made sense to have the fans on to cool off on the hot days, right, but did you know that a fan can be just as effective in the winter for warming?  Setting the ceiling fan to move in a clockwise (forward) motion can help the heat in the room be pulled up to the center of the room and pushed down the sides of the room.  This has tremendously helped the living room be warmer already!!  A wonderful way to test your fan is set for winter is to stand directly below the fan.  You should feel no breeze or air directly, but closer to the walls you should feel a stronger movement of air.


The Plants

This might be one of my favorite ways I am going green.  I love the outdoors, green is my favorite color, and winter always seems to have a gloom to it from the leafless trees.  Adding plants to the apartment has brought life and energy to the room, definitely brightening my attitude each time I pass by.  They also have increased the humidity level and indoor air quality.  Plants naturally absorb toxins from the air creating more purified air.


The Clean Out

I have only lived in this apartment for 6 months, but I am already collecting things far beyond what I need.  I have decided to rearrange and de-clutter.  Over Christmas I recieved a lot of clothes, so for each item I added to the closet, one had to go.  Why did I need a second pair of black boots after all?  Now I have more desk space and closet space.



The Party

I love opening my apartment up for friends.  From birthday parties to Sunday football games, we love excuses to have our friends over for a good meal and quality time.  During this Go Green push I was challenged to think about the waste we incur with our guests from plastic plates and cups.  Thus we have decided to utilize the plastic cups for our guests, but wash them for the next party.  We have enough real silver ware for everyone, so we will reduce our plastic utensil use and save some money in the mean time.  I am excited for the changes!  I wonder if any of my guests will notice.  🙂


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