We have cloth diapers, so why not cloth wipes?! Did you know that 14,000 wet wipes are used every second! Imagine the flood of wipes that go into the world’s landfills every day. And that’s not the only reason to use cloth wipes…

Disposable wipes can present a painful predicament for baby’s bum. The stratum corneum, the outmost layer of skin, is constantly exposed to feces and urine when a baby is in diapers – that can’t be helped. However, many disposable wipes compound that aggravation even further. Whether a wet wipe has harsh chemicals in it, or is simply water based, the moisture + friction of multiple wipes irritates a baby’s sensitive skin. It’s like when you have a runny nose and blow it too many times, the end of your nose gets red and raw. It hurts to keep wiping it with tissues!

Instead, we recommend CLOTH WIPES! These are made of cotton, just like your cloth diapers. They are soft and absorbent, and when paired with NOLEO or a wipe solution can whisk away poop more effectively. NOLEO/wipe solutions are moisturizing and leave a protective layer on baby rather than breaking down their skin over and over like disposable wipes.

New to cloth wipes, or intimidated to make the switch? Use this acronym during those poopy diaper changes, and it’ll become second nature in no time:


Moisten the cloth wipe with a squeeze of NOLEO or homemade wipe solution. These are better than the water based or chemical based solutions disposable wipes use because they will not irritate or dry out your baby’s bum which often leads to a rash. Here at Green Diaper Babies we are a BIG fan of Noleo, a 3-in-1 solution created by one of our very own parents. Learn more about NOLEO here!



Wipe from the inside out, and from top to bottom, taking poop away from the baby’s privates. Scoop and sweep all that poop away with just a few effective moves! Keeping the poop our of the cracks and crevices is important in preventing infections, especially yeast infection in girls’.


Throw those dirty wipes right into your diaper PAIL or wet bag to be washed with your diapers!


Leave the EXTRA wipe solution or NOLEO on baby’s bum to moisturize and protect.



2 tablespoons olive oil

1 tablespoon lavender castile soap

4 drops tea tree oil

8 drops lavender oil

3 cups water


It’s a simple as that! And the only thing better than cloth wipes is the adorable bag you store them in! A wipe bag allows you to conveniently store your cloth wipes, so they’re as simple to use as disposables. Check out this video to see how to fold your wipes. Add the cloth wipe subscription to your delivery or purchase cloth wipes + wipes wet bag in the store today!

A small swap from disposable wipes to cloth wipes can make a HUGE difference! We are making these little steps all together here in the Green Diaper Babies community. Join us!