Business Partners: Prenatal Fit

We at Green Diaper Babies are thankful for the many business that work alongside of us to reach and service the Chicagoland area.  Today we are featuring Prenatal Fit, a gym for women for before, during, and after pregnancy.  We are very excited to share Prenatal Fit with you.

Prenatal Fit, in Lincoln Park, has grown quite the community of expecting women and mothers. The classes and environment focus on women all through their journey to and through pregnancy as well as afterwards.  The gym offers a variety of fitness classes from Yoga, Pilates, Ballet Barre, Yoga Sculpt, and even Zumba.  Prenatal stands apart from other gyms catering to pregnant women because they offer more than just prenatal yoga.  They are also very flexible, offering many times to workout to cater to all different working schedules.

All classes are prenatal and postnatal safe.  Prenatal Fit also offers postpartum classes for mom such as mommy and me yoga and mommy and me move.  They also mix it up by offering groove baby carrier class and mommy and me stroller bootcamp.  They are committed to walking through the journey of motherhood with you.  The group fitnesses classes provide needed support and empowerment for all participating.

Prenatal Fit’s mission is to be more than a gym, but also a support group for women going through a huge life changing time in their lives. Becoming pregnant and becoming a new mom is definitely one of the hardest times in a woman’s life.   It’s comforting to be able to hang out with other women who are also experiencing the same struggles and changes in their bodies, jobs, relationships, and daily living.  In addition, to build the community and also educate, Prenatal Fit offers workshops to cover all corners of motherhood: childbirth, breastfeeding, bringing home baby, cloth diapering, cpr, infant massage, etc.  They also offer massage services and child care during exercise classes.

We are so happy to have partnered with Prenatal Fit for well over a year and are excited for the years ahead.  We are thankful to teach Cloth Diaper 101 at Prenatal Fit monthly. Make sure to visit Prenatal Fit and also check out our next Cloth Diaper 101 class in their space here.IMG_2936 (2)