Customer Spotlight: Pillsbury Matthis Family

  Chris, Natalie, and Eliot Pillsbury.  Apart of Green Diaper Babies since August 2015. Chris, Natalie, and Eliot Pillsbury Matthis. Apart of Green Diaper Babies since August 2015.

Tell us a little bit about your family. My husband, Chris, and I were married on May, 27, 2012. We met in Chicago, and we are transplants from St. Louis (Chris) and northeastern Ohio (me). We’ve always known that we wanted to have children, so we were excited to discover that I was pregnant in late 2013. Eliot was born on August 15, 2014, and we’ve been in love with him ever since. He’s the first grandchild for both of our families, so there was much celebration of his arrival.

Tell us about the little one in the Green Diaper Babies cloth diapers. Eliot is an energetic, vibrant little man. He likes to be moving almost all the time, but he also loves to snuggle. He enjoys bright colors, books, his activity gym and music. He’s an all-around sweet baby with lots of love for his mom and dad.

What are the main reasons you like being a part of the Green Diaper Babies family? We knew that we wanted to use cloth diapers for our children. However, living in the city, in an apartment with coin laundry in the basement, and with both of us working, washing cloth diapers at home just wasn’t a viable option. Green Diaper Babies offers us the perfect solution. Our son can benefit from soft cotton against his skin and no diaper rash, and we can feel good about doing all we can to reduce our carbon footprint. The service is excellent, seamless and makes cloth diapering possible for our family.

What are some of your favorite activities to do as a family? We love to listen to music, dance around, go for walks, play outside and read books.

Thank you Pillsbury Matthis family for being apart of Green Diaper Babies since August 2014.