Building Community

Let’s Build Community by Meetups!

One of the main goals of Green Diaper Babies, beyond providing friendly and quality cloth diaper service, is to build community.  We love being apart of so many different families in the city of Chicago and various suburbs and are thankful for each of our loyal customers.  We are pleased to see the many friendships that have become of the diaper service families and the Green Diaper Babies team.  From our perspective we see families grow and change and appreciate the unique opportunity we have to be apart of each family in our service.  It is our hope that we continue to foster these relationships, but also that we start to connect customers to one another.  We would love to see families in our service supporting and building friendships with one another.  To work towards this goal we will be facilitating various Meetups in the city and various suburbs.  We are so excited to be inviting our customers out to parks, lunch, farmers markets, and other activities.

Our first Meetup was at Independence Park on the last Monday in July.  Many Green Diaper Babies customers came to the park and we had some new faces too!  It was wonderful to watch mothers connect over same baby birthdays and stories, as well as watch children play in the park.  Green Diaper Babies loves to support families of diversity and we were so glad to see a range of families and yet cloth diapering connected us all.  The Meetup in the Park was a blast and we are so happy it was a beautiful summer morning for the outing!

So glad we were able to capture a couple photos of the children playing, mothers connecting, and babies enjoying the outside air.  (Babies in parentheses are Green Diaper Babies customers).


Babies play in the park at the cloth diapering family meetup hosted by Green Diaper Babies

Friends of all ages! 2 years old, 8 months (Symeon), and almost 4 months (Eleanor)


Little ones enjoying the picnic in the park

A picnic blanket for many! Check out the girls in their adorable handmade bonnets!


Owner of Green Diaper Babies enjoys time with her cloth diaper service customers

Owner, Shannon, enjoyed time with each of the customers, this little one 3 months (Alice).

You can find our Meetup information here: Cloth Diaper Family Meetup Group.  We welcome our customers, friends, new and expecting parents, and families already or considering cloth diapering.  We would love to meet new faces and make new friends.  All are welcome!  If you have ideas or locations for a Meetup in your area please reach out to us at  We would love to hear from you and support your community however we can.  We look forward to sharing many more of these outings!