Happy Mother’s Day

Dear Mothers,

Thank you!  Words can’t quite ever describe or explain the gratitude of children, the appreciation of the ones you love so dearly, the love of the ones who make you a mother.  What can be said to adequately recognize your years of sacrifice, unconditional love, servant-heart, and unending support?   I suppose it is simply, THANK YOU.

Thank you for your choice to keep us, to nourish us before this earth, and then to be our source of life and care as a young child.  You willing gave your body, time, sleep, and priorities up for each of us. Thank you for the many years of training and teaching, hours of cleaning and planning, so many things done that have gone unseen.  We are who we are because you poured life into us.  You loved us enough to let us hurt you, yet you didn’t leave.

A day is not near enough time to recognize and honor mothers.  But I am glad we at least have set aside a time to reflect and say thank you.  Not just for Mother’s Day, but for each day, may you mothers feel the love from your children in their cries and their tears, in their laughs and joy, and in the days they are miles away and forget to call.  We need you mom, we love you mom, and we don’t say it enough.  Thank you for never giving up on us!  So many times I’m sure you could have walked out, but you stayed, and for that and much more I know we owe you everything.

Thank you and love you,

Your child.


To my own mother,

Everything I said above, I say to you.  Thank you for everyday choosing to be my mom and giving me all you have.  I know you have been put to the test and I am thankful for your perseverance, love, and strength through it all.  You have given me the ability to see God in everything, love others wholly, and serve those around me.  I am thankful to have a friend, cheerleader, and mother like you.  Thank you for teaching me so much about what it means to sacrifice and be a hard worker.  I can’t wait to be a mother so I can say an even bigger thank you!  Love you bunches mom, you’re the best.