THE Diaper Choice

Ready to make cloth diapering your diaper choice?  You can sign up online or give us a call,    773-DIAPERS.

  • High Volume

    According to Healthy Child, Healthy World, your baby will go through an estimated 5,000 – 8,000 diaper changes from birth until potty trained.  In our service all of your diapers (any number and any size) are covered in your weekly cost. There’s no reason you should have to make a last minute diaper run to the store.

  • Potty Train Sooner

    Research shows that children in cloth diapers can potty train from 6 months to one year sooner than those in disposables diapers.  We know that disposable diapers wick moisture from baby’s skin, keeping them from feeling wet.  In cloth diapers, babies experience the wetness of their diaper and cognitively develop the connection of the behavior, which leads to early potty training.

    potty training in cloth

  • Save Your Time

    When you sign up for Green Diaper Babies, we do all the dirty work for you!  Send us your diaper products and we track inventory, sizing, wash and fold your diapers so you don’t have to.  Which means that while your baby is sleeping, you can use that time to do things you really want to do (sleep, eat, watch Netflix, sleep), rather than doing another load of laundry. Time becomes a precious commodity when you become a new parent. Spend it wisely.

  • Give Us a Try

    If you’re hesitant to try cloth diapers, we invite you to attend one of our free community classes. We’ll answer your questions and take the mystery out of cloth diapering.  Another option is to put cloth diapers and the initial four weeks of service on your baby registry so you can try it out as a gift from someone else.

    No need to make a stink out of how much you pay for diapers, especially when you see how much you’re saving by using cloth and Green Diaper Babies!

potty trained with Green Diaper Babies

We want to walk this journey with you!