The benefit and ease of cloth diapering with us

What’s the first thing you think of when you hear the words “cloth diaper”?   Now, what about “cloth diaper delivery service”?
Chances are you’ve spent some time thinking about diapers and what kind you want to use – because, you know you have thousands of diaper changes in your future.

Before you take cloth diapering off the (changing) table, we at Green Diaper Babies would like to give you a better idea of what life would be like using our cloth diaper service.  

Imagine your baby has just peed in his or her diaper. If you are using a disposable diaper, you would bring your baby to the changing table, undo the sides of the diaper, use a wipe to clean off your baby, fold up the diaper, and then dispose of the wipe and the diaper in the diaper pail or garbage.  

Now, let’s look at changing a baby in a cloth diaper. The same baby, who just peed, would be taken to the changing table. You would unfasten the diaper, use a cloth wipe to clean your baby, fold up the diaper and wipe, and put the cloth diaper and wipe into your diaper pail.

These two scenarios involve basically the same amount of work, only with different end results for the dirty diapers.

When your diaper pail of disposables gets full, you take it out to the trash, where it goes to the landfill.  With your diaper pail from Green Diaper Babies, you bring out the liner bag once a week to be picked up and washed.

While we pick up your dirty diapers, we drop off a clean set for the next week.

You may be wondering, but what about poop? Surely that changes things.  If there is a solid mass of poop, we ask that you flush this in the toilet – just as the directions recommend on disposable diaper packages – but we’ll do the rest.

No need to scrape, rinse or prep the diapers in any way.

At Green Diaper Babies, we do the dirty work for you. You can buy flushable liners to put in your baby’s diaper once they start eating solids, which make it easier to separate the poop from the diaper.  

As for the smell? Green Diaper Babies owner Shannon Griffith reports this is the number one question she gets from dads. “It’s going to smell like a diaper,” she says, “I can’t tell you that it won’t.”  “I would argue that a pile of disposables wrapped in a plastic bag actually do smell more than a bag of cotton wrapped in a hospital vinyl bag” she adds.

No matter if you live in an apartment in the city with a buzzer or in a neighborhood in the suburbs, we can pick up your diapers from the inside of your lobby, your back deck, or your front porch.
Rain, wind, snow, sleet — we will pick up your diapers even in the severe weather that Chicago experiences. Just leave your diapers out and we’ll bear the freezing cold winters and the hot, humid summers to ensure you never run out of clean diapers.  

Planning a vacation? You can bring along your cloth diapers (just don’t wash them yourself) or you can put your weekly service on hold until you return.

We’d love for you to experience firsthand the many ways that Green Diaper Babies makes life easier.