Pricing for Cloth Diaper Service

Pre-Fold Package1/2 and 1/2 PackageFull All-In-One Package
Our Pre-Fold package includes up to 80 pre-fold diapers weekly. We use the 100% Organic Cotton diapers in four sizes for your little one. With the pre-fold service, covers are needed and may be purchased before the start of your service. We have covers available for sale and can deliver to you for free.The Half-and-Half package gives you the flexibility to use some all-in-one diapers and some traditional pre-fold diapers every week. Get up to 30 all-in-ones and up to 50 pre-folds per week. This is an especially popular option for day-cares that won’t do pre-folds, but will accept all-in-ones. Covers will be needed with the pre-fold diapers and may be purchased from us as you prepare to start deliveries.This is the most convenient method of cloth diapering on the market. These diapers work just like regular disposables, except they are cloth and we pick them up once a week. Start with your new born and let us know when you want to move up a size; our next delivery will make the switch. Up to 80 All-In-Ones.
Covers are needed, see our Products Page for details or call!Covers are needed, see our Products Page for details or call!No covers needed!
$40 start-up kit.$40 start-up kit. $40 start-up kit.
$26.99 / week$43.99 / week$55.99 / week

Popular Weekly Cloth Wipe Service!

Most new clients sign up for cloth wipe service. Cloth wipes come with your weekly delivery of diapers. Just throw them in the bag when your finished. Save money on conventional wipes and learn the tips from us to make it even more convenient! 80 wipes per week is suggested.

Number of wipes:4080120
Price:$2.50 / week$5.00 / week$7.50 / week

Wondering if cloth is for you?  Get all the information you need at an upcoming cloth diapering class.  We are also happy to answer any questions you have over email or phone.  We have several dates and locations in the coming months!

Discount for multiple weeks!

Pay for 12 weeks in advance and get a 5% discount.  Customers who pay 24 weeks of service receive 10% off! *pre-fold package*

For 1/2 & 1/2 package, pay for 24 weeks and get a 5% discount!

Take the next step, simply fill out our sign up page form and we’ll contact you to get started with deliveries.  We look forward to helping you and your family!


See below for some common questions.   We’d love to answer any questions.  Feel free to call (773-DIAPERS) or email ( anytime to discuss how we can serve you best.

What’s the difference between pre-folds and all-in-ones?

Cloth diapers come in a variety of styles and designs, but it basically comes down to a two part system:

1.  A interior, absorbent cloth layer near the skin of the baby
2.  An exterior, waterproof barrier layer which serves as a containment shell

At Green Diaper Babies we use two major types of cloth diapering systems which we then offer in our weekly service packages.  The two methods are:



1.  The All-In-One Diaper

All-In-Ones combine both the interior, absorbent layer and exterior barrier into one package, hence the name.  All-In-Ones have the advantage of being very simple to use and are not confusing for outside care-givers (day cares / babysitters / grandmas).

2.  Pre-Folds with covers

Pre-Folds are cloth diapers which have been folded and then sewn to hold the fold, thus the name.  The Pre-Fold serves as the absorbent interior and is worn next to the skin of the baby.  Since it’s just a piece of cloth, a fastener is used to secure the diaper on the baby.  We use and recommend the Snappi fasteners for our service rather than the diaper pins your mother may have used.



So what about the exterior containment layer?  That’s where the covers come in.  We offer adjustable covers with build in snaps to secure the cover over the pre-folds. Typically, covers can just be aired out between changes and re-use them throughout the week.  Of course, on occasion they will need to be rinsed off if they get dirty.

We offer several styles and colors of options for sale. Check our Products Page for details or call us for more information as our selections are constantly changing!

How do you use a pre-fold?

It’s easy to use a pre-fold, and we are here to help.  See our blog post on folding a pre-fold diaper for detailed instructions.  We give a basic overview of the pre-fold in our cloth classes and in home instruction can be provided if you sign up for service.

Folding Blog Post Link

Where do I get covers?

We have covers available for purchase and many options to choose from. Check out our Products Page for information or sometimes it’s better to call us for current availability. If you have covers you’re interested in, let us know and we may be able to get them for you. Of course, delivery is FREE of charge!

What about the poop?

We are in the business of dirty work and so poop is no new thing for us.  We do the dirty work for you that is why you do not need to soak, scrap, scrub, or spray the diapers before placing them in the pail.  Once solid foods are introduced we solely ask all possible ‘plopable’ solids go in the toilet before the pail.

Do we get the same diapers back each week?

We wash the diapers in large batches for better efficiency and less water usage, so we cannot ensure that you receive the same diapers back each week.  We do hand sort each diaper for quality prior to packing your clean bag of fresh diapers!

What’s the minimum contract period?

We require a minimum of four paid weeks of service to begin deliveries.  If you pay for 12 weeks, you’ll receive a 5% discount.  Pay for 24 weeks and get 10% off!

Why the start-up kit?

The start-up kit gets you everything you’ll need to start cloth diapering.  It includes your welcome kit instructions, plus pre-service delivery of:

  • initial diapers based on your package selection
  • diaper covers if purchased from us
  • diaper pail (to be returned at end of service)
  • pail liner: this will be for your first week, then you will use the liner your clean diapers are delivered in

Is there a discount for twins or siblings?

We love servicing families of multiples and cloth is a great money saver for families of many children.  We offer 25% off the 2nd child and 50% off the third child.  Contact us for diaper counts and cover options for multiple children.

Is there tiered diaper pricing?

At Green Diaper Babies we do not charge weekly based on the amount of diapers used. We do track usage to know what each family needs weekly, however the weekly price does not change for fewer diapers used weekly. Our subscription services allows up to 80 diapers in the size needed (birth-toddler).