Cotton Cloths

cotton cloths

Wondering what happens to retired cloth diapers?  We do our best to keep all diapers from landfills, and that includes our retired out of service diapers!  There are so many uses for cotton cloths after life as a cloth diaper.  Cotton rags are the go to for every day activities and needs! Check it out.

100% Cotton Rags are durable and soft. Offering a variety of sizes for $4.00/pound (~4 diapers per pound). There is no minimum for purchasing our used cloth diaper.  Contact us to get more information and purchase your cloth rags today!

House Care

When it comes to cleaning your home there is no better absorbent cloth.  Perfect for the spills, the spits ups, and all dust!

Machine Shops

Cotton is the material of choice for machine shops.  Durable yet soft, cotton cloths have what it takes to last in the shop.

Motorcycle and Car Care

Whether it is engine cleaning, an oil change, inside cleaning, window washing, or outside car buffering these cotton cloths are perfect for the professional and the hobbyist.

General Cleaning / Window Washing

Cotton does it all! The first choice for polishing, window washing, dusting, scrubbing, wiping, cotton does not disappoint and it lasts!

Interested in signing up for cleaning rag service.  Email us at or Contact Us!