Cloth diapers without the hassle

Maybe you’ve done your research. Perhaps you’ve read dozens of blog posts and online reviews and queried your cloth-diaper-loving friends.

It’s settled: You’re going the cloth diaper route. 

You feel good about ditching the chemicals found in disposable diapers and equally satisfied with the environmental impacts of your choice.

 If you are still on the fence and unsure about your reasons to cloth diaper we encourage you to read our Why Cloth page or attend a cloth diapering workshop. 

Perhaps now you are asking if you will wash your own diapers, if so, your decision-making and researching skills are just getting warmed up. 

There’s the question of detergents – do you want to buy a special detergent for cloth diapers or will you use what you already have?

Which kind of special detergent should you buy? Will you be able to buy it at the nearest convenience store or will you have to buy it online? 

Will you air dry your diapers or put them in the dryer? If air drying, where will you put them? On the shower rod in your bathroom or on a clothes drying line in your backyard?

How often will you have to wash diapers? Every day? Every other day? What about a diaper sprayer attachment (for removing solid poop) on your toilet?

What if you don’t have a washer in your home? What if you go to a laundromat or use a shared laundry facility in the basement of your building?

Is your head spinning like the rinse cycle on your washing machine?  We encourage you to attend our Cloth Diaper 101 course if you are interested in learning some of these basics of home-washing.  

If washing at home is not best for your family, then Green Diaper Babies has an easy solution to all of these questions. We do the dirty work for you!

When you sign up for a weekly cloth diaper service with us, you can put all of these questions to bed. We take care of all the supplying, washing, drying and folding for you.  

We provide weekly delivery to your home to pick up your dirty and drop off your clean.

We ensure your diapers are sanitize for your child and take into account the tender and sensitive skin with all of our processes.  Green Diaper Babies helps you manage diapering your little one in a healthy and helpful way. 

We’ll wave our magic wand to make all the worries – of not enough space, of sharing a washing machine with your neighbors, of finding time to do extra laundry – disappear.

As a new parent we hope you’ll appreciate one less thing to worry about.

Come to one of our Free Cloth Diaper 101 courses.

We talk about why cloth diapers are a good option, how to wash at home, and how to diaper with a diaper service!

All are welcome!