Cloth Diapering without the Hassle

Cloth Diapering can feel like a hassle, but it doesn’t have to be! If you want us to do the dirty work for you, you can sign up online or give us a call,    773-DIAPERS.

  • The decision

    The first decision to cloth diaper has been made, now why a service?  We do the dirty work for you!  At Green Diaper Babies we manage all of your diaper supply, inventory, and weekly logistics to ensure the number of diapers you need, in the correct size, are delivered weekly to your door step.

    If you are still on the fence, come join us at a Free Cloth Diaper 101 course.

  • Which Package and Why?

    Prefolds are 100% cotton diapers which are pinned on your baby with Snappis and then covered with a wrap to keep everything dry. The very popular, timeless 2-step diaper.  (We recommend 3 snappi clips and 7 covers for this weekly Package).

    The All-in-One is a one-piece diaper; absorbency pad sew into a water proof cover.  Simply snap on your baby, and when time, snap off. (No accessories needed).

    We offer package flexibility and work with babies of all size, birth to potty training.

  • How Hassle Free?

    Research shows that babies in cloth feel wet faster.  This does mean that there will be more frequent changes in cloth, most likely. However, this is great news because research also shows that because of this early wetting, babies in cloth diapers potty train up to 6 months sooner than babies in a disposable!

    Blow outs are less hassle! Yes, that’s right, cloth diapers prevent the ever tragic diaper blow out.  From our customer, “My son has worked well with cloth, minimal blow outs, lets me know when he is wet, and has never had diaper rash,” Carrie D. via yelp.